Reclaimed Pine Doors for sale

We stock Victorian and Edwardian reclaimed four panels doors, ledge and brace doors from old cottages, glazed external doors with lovely stained glass, 1 over 3 panel doors from the 1930s, antique six panel Georgian doors and many others.

We have a stock of over 1000 doors at many different sizes.

If you need to get the frames in. Have them fitted with an opening size of 29.75 inches wide x 77.5 inches high. This way you will have a better selection of doors available. This goes for all sized doors as old doors go up in size in 2″ increments both width and height.

For example – 28″ x 76″ – 30″ x 78″ – 32″ x 80″ – 34″ x 82″ and so on.

If you would like anymore information please give us a call or pop in and will be happy to go over this with you.

Reclaimed Stripped Door

Reclaimed stripped door

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